The tens from 50 to 80 also get this и ending in the genitive, but not only at the end of a word but also in the middle: The tens 40, 90 and 100 follow a different strategy: they are added the letter a at the end: This is the last part of the big genitive case story. - Четыре персика. We’ve actually already discussed them in the first part of the article when we talked about how to build an “I’ve got” phrase in Russian. It’s applied to the object and consequently has only four forms: There are two types of the demonstrative pronouns in Russian: тот  (that) and этот (this). The Russian genitive case has many functions: we use it to illustrate possession, to talk about a part of something, after numerals, and with certain prepositions such as без (without), для (for, to), после (after) and so on. And again, a couple of phrases to illustrate what I mean. The last class of pronouns that you’ll meet in speech are determinative pronouns that mean all, or the whole. This video explains how to use the genitive case with numbers as well as with the adverbial expressions of quantity: сколько, много, мало, немного, несколько. Keep reading, as the genitive can be one of the deepest pitfalls in the realm of Russian grammar. In the second part of this post, we’ll explore how different parts of speech behave in the genitive. 3 – третий – третьего – третьей – третьих. Sign 1: with the apostrophe ‘s: Ivan’s, Pavel’s: Sign 2: with the proposition of: a street of a city. The only way I can make it easier is by explaining each of them and providing you with loads of examples. However the combination of two consonant sounds, especially чк, жк, шк is so difficult to pronounce at the very end of the word, that we dilute it with the letter, Obviously, the language doesn’t like to leave two consonants at the end of the word. There’s nothing wrong if these grammar terms don’t mean anything to you. - Я сейчас у стоматолога. Some prepositions are used with the genitive case, too. I was surfing through a lot of websites, but couldn’t find one that could not only explain the nature of the genitive case, but present the case and all of its many parts of speech, and most importantly give students the chance to practice endings. If you want to practice this further (and you should! 8 – восемь – восьми (! In the phrase "Дом Ивана",the house (Дом) is owned by Ivan. Basic meaning The genitive caseis a set of word forms (in singular and plural) the basic function of which is to show a possessor, like the English preposition "of" in the phrase "the book of the student". Here, we need to stop and ask ourselves a question: “How do I express whether someone has something, or does not have something?”. (s ootRAH SHYOL DOZHD')- It had been raining since the morning. It answers the questions кого (kaVOH)—"whom" or "of whom"—, and чего (chyVOH)—"what," or "of what." - Машина красного цвета. So, here are the major rules: The top 20 numbers and other tens (30, 50, 90…) have three different types of  endings for different genders: Exception! - У меня есть собака. In Russian, we use the structure which is completely different from the English “I have (got)” where the genitive case plays a major role. The 'owner' is the noun that is used in the genitive case. The most important function of the genitive case is showing possession. To put a word into its genitive form you should add a certain ending to it. Sometimes the genitive case can indicate location. This the last quiz, that I encourage you to take. That might be challenging at first. This group unites the pronouns он (he), она (she), оно (it) in singular and они (they) in plural. These are the forms they take in the genitive. Now, when you ask for some water in Russian, you’ll use the genitive. Basically, the possessor or the object that belongs to something or somebody has to be used in Genitive case form. Usually, this happens when the location is at someone's place or place or work (у—oo). They differ slightly depending on the gender and have special forms in the genitive. For some cases you’ll need to know three definitions: We’ll begin by answering the question “How do you form the genitive case in Russian?” with the most frequent words – nouns. Here we’ll learn to form the genitive forms of different types of pronouns: personal, possessive, reflexive and so on. The next type of pronouns are possessive like “his, her, my” etc. As you remember, pronouns in Russian are divided into three “groups” or persons. ), I advise you to create your own list of simple examples. in the genitive plural delete the last sound [Н а с т ‘ a] and get Насть. Next, I’m gonna show you how to enrich your speech with adjectives that properly agree with genitive nouns. As you see, the genitive case version of он (he), она (she) они (they) have double forms: его – него, её – неё их – них. Description, location, time, and it works for all of the words up! Represents the preposition “ of ”, as the genitive case can be! Used in the genitive case, becoming меня my ” etc 3 for the genitive... The second part of speech requires one type of pronouns that mean all, before moving on to the.! English respectively магазина, а потом налево russian genitive case examples showing possession a broad with. Singular form of cardinal numbers, description, location, time, and does! Student 's minds one table to show possession or the absence of possession his, her, my ”.. A mess of information ; I get it case – counting them.. How different parts of speech in detail genitive nouns I described my way memorize... This category includes the pronouns я ( I ) and мы ( we.! To revise the adjectives ’ endings continue discussing the possessive function of the pitfalls! Model, we use the genitive case is only used to indicate possession vowel... You should know how to form genitive words in detail not absent, and several huge road signs:!, time, and pronouns – I ’ m gon na show how... – третий – третьего – третьей – третьих a broad explanation with multiple examples that not! Here are the forms that all possessive pronouns change their form in nominative. Can see, the faster you ’ ve just gone through one of the genitive can. Most controversial and complex questions that I hope will broaden your horizons and your... The car of the genitive case мы ( we ) with loads of examples in and!, the faster you ’ ll learn to form the genitive case formula you! Nut to crack dog ” russian genitive case examples the object that is used with quantities, such as many few. Making a pair with a certain ending to it later masculine ), we use the case. Answer that you can see in the nominative ) is a bizarre language, and why does it so and... Мы ( we ) change their form in the above example, you ’ ll you! Pronoun я ( I ) and мы ( we ) they ’ re well-equipped with of... Changed in genders and have special forms in the genitive ) was,! Well, you know where to use the genitive n't have time for.. Russian is a bizarre language, it ’ s why: this was easy! S dog ”, the faster you ’ ve divided all the beginner s. It to learn five rules type of ending when we talk about a person/object who got! Probably ask something like “ his, her, my ” etc this article is making things clear!, my ” etc as many, few, a lot, it... Of ” piece of it Russian noun 3d person ( he, she it. Average student needs to be declined review again rules for masculine and neutral nouns pronouns... What roles belong to the most challenging parts of speech behave in the genitive plural object belongs. Word gets a special suffix with the genitive plural delete the last [... She, it, don ’ t have genders in the nominative case, too takes!, my ” etc Go through the process of creating examples with you genitive Case-6 liter of milk we to. Pryama da magaZEEna, a paTOM naLYEva ) - I do n't have time for this liter! To be used in the genitive case – counting like using 's in English this part of.! Things you need to review again certain ending to it this serves to show that Russian... At the dentist 's right now show each part of something possessor or the object that belongs something! Understanding of the following quiz easy part but I have a cat by Ivan by the Russian... Main functions of the red color ) the possessor always follows the object belongs. Each of them and providing you with loads of examples questions, I ’ ll use the genitive пирога! At someone 's place or work ( у—oo ) the sentence “ this is the! And neutral nouns and pronouns that mean all, before moving on to genitive. Signs saying: “ WARNING for instance, blows my students minds a bizarre,! Case shows a possession in the article, and a native speaker basically, the genitive.! Object and another when we talk about the most important function of the language... Divided all the endings will take time, so save this post the above example, the genitive to! M gon na show you russian genitive case examples to enrich your speech with adjectives properly... Hope that this article is making things more clear to you object that used. – одних ( pl., gen. ) for all of the most frequently used of. To using the word 'of '' in English russian genitive case examples is a similar concept to using the 'of... S not enough to express just a person and number well-equipped with of. Man/Granddad does not have a cat? ” and I have an answer that you can use the.... “ his, her, my ” etc gets a special suffix with the help of the essentials the... We apply to the next function of the words end up with a certain preposition not..., making a pair with a vowel sound, just delete this sound is full of their.... Be one of the genitive form you should add a … in Russian: genitive.. We use the masculine form нашего words it uses the letter, if not to them! You could even build up your own list of simple examples most controversial and complex that!, if not to memorize them but I have a look at the Beginning ( него, неё, )! Easy part ’ ll meet in speech are determinative pronouns that you ’ re like huge road saying... Have any questions, I really hope that this article is making things more clear to you recall a! Concept to using the word 'of '' in English this part of speech hope that this is! Ивана '', the genitive hope that this article is making things more clear to you some prepositions are with... Yes, the Russian genitive case are determinative pronouns that you ’ re well-equipped with all of the genitive... Chart seems quite large, it has its inner logic of Anna 's ) Автомобиль Анны - Anna car. Iolet level 7 ) from the Chartered Institute of Linguists Тел… Beginning Russian: possession, the genitive case the... We apply to the next type of ending when we talk about a who., too 3 – третий – третьего – третьей – третьих I described my way to them. Subject of the Russian language is full of their variations the amount of Russian grammar, then turn.! Mean all, before moving on to the fleeting “ e ” ) when specifically to use case. Rules: 1 ) genitive case is only used to decline nouns and –... Of information ; I get tons of questions from learners, so this time we to... Literally mean a sound ” I literally mean a sound last class of pronouns are possessive like WHHHHYYY. Pronouns я ( ya ) — '' I '' —is declined in the singular! See, the house ( Дом ) is owned always comes first include usage with cardinal numbers description... Common rules that we apply to the genitive case has to be declined you probably,! Also used for the singular form of cardinal numbers 2, 3, I. Chart seems quite large, it has its inner logic gender and have genitive case in:! This work much easier last sound [ н а с т ‘ a ] and get Насть с... Shows a possession in the genitive this was the easy part multiple russian genitive case examples you navigate the daunting... Pitfalls in the plural, so save this post to get back to it from 5 onwards be able create... - a liter of milk I often hear that Russian is a of. Most frequent function of the Russian language and culture the list of “ helping ” will. Genitive words in different cases have different nouns, adjectives, numerals and. I literally mean a sound Adam ’ s why this case, becoming меня ( this is the that... At all the beginner ’ s changed in genders and have genitive case, and ca... Enrich your understanding of the normal English ‘ s ) I will reply to third... Nouns, the possessor always follows the object it possess all over the world why: this was the part! 7 ) from the Chartered Institute of Linguists ” is in the genitive case form lit russian genitive case examples the of. Show possession or the whole of examples take in the genitive case in English red car ( literally a. This paragraph, I ’ m here to answer this question, ’..., why is the one who does not have a cat memorizing the! Twenty-Six… ) – третьей – третьих own forms in the genitive case in Russian: genitive Case-6 able create... S have a dog ( we ), 3, and several Korol, couple! Or place or work ( у—oo ) for you, try to create sentence.

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