Most digital pianos only have a 128-note polyphony, but the Yamaha P125 takes this to another level by having a 192-note polyphony cap on their portable pianos. Talk about convenience!The last (but not least) and perhaps the coolest feature in the app, is its ability to pick any song from your phone library, transfer it to the app, and it automatically lets you see the scores or chords for this song so that you can learn it and play along. My love for playing the piano grew during middle school. The Yamaha P-125 uses the same high-quality Pure CF sound engine from the Yamaha CFIIIS 9' Concert Grand. It has everything a budding musician has and more. Easily portable and extremely accessible, this instrument allows you to experience the joy of playing the piano on your terms. Here're some of the sound samples of Yamaha P-125! Although it is an upgraded model compared to the Yamaha P115, it does not come with this feature. Thus, unfortunately, you won't be able to layer a piano with another piano. Now, let's talk about the keyboard. Pedal Unit for P-125/515. Yamaha didn't disappoint, but they didn't surprise us either. Here are three reasons that will convince you to buy the P125 just for the app alone!The Smart Pianist App has an intuitive, user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate through. This mode lets you split the keyboard into two parts. TransposeA transpose is a function that allows you to shift the pitch of the keyboard in semitone steps for easier key playing. Pedal Unit for P-121, P-125 and P-515 digital pianos. For our aspiring pianists, worry not - we'll explain everything in simple terms. Dit instrument is gemakkelijk draagbaar en uiterst toegankelijk en u kunt hiermee het plezier van op uw eigen manier pianospelen beleven. For starting pianists who aren't fully knowledgeable about the graded hammer action, it works like this: Graded means the piano keys feel heavier in the lower registers when you press them in comparison to the lighter weight felt in the higher registers. participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Here are a few others that may come in handy: MetronomeA metronome is a tool that helps you keep track of your rhythm and time-keeping skills. The 14 buttons have LED indicators built into them, so it's easy to see which function is being used while playing piano. Even though the piano itself is sourced from plastic, one can tell that Yamaha didn't hesitate to pick the highest form of quality available. Fine if that's the sound you want. Yamaha Portable piano P 125. This usually happens when you plan on layering several sounds and creating multi-track recordings. When it comes to connectivity, Yamaha played this in the safe lane, installing the same ports the P115 had. And by the way, you can also store your own songs in the app and load them back and forth to the piano. While the Yamaha P125 inherited most of its elements from the P115, it does boast some new and improved features that the latter lacked. Compact foot switch designed for portable keyboards, A sustain pedal with the same feel as the pedal on an acoustic piano, A sustain pedal compatible with half-pedaling, Open-air headphones with studio-quality tone that is ideal for listening to digital musical instruments, Comfortable closed headphones with accurate sound reproduction and rich tone, Simple compact headphones that let you enjoy professional-grade sound quality, Bluetooth wireless MIDI adapter for connecting instruments with a USB TO HOST terminal to your iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) or Mac, Allows you to connect your instrument to iOS applications. This feature's role is simple as it allows you to automatically adjust the frequency response so that high and low notes are still audible when played even at a low volume level. They both have the same functions or modes, such as the duet play, split mode, and dual mode. This feature lets you adjust the spaciousness of the sound, and with the P125's new 4 speaker system, it will truly help the experience be more immersive and realistic like a acoustic piano. The newly added 4th layer helps the sound be more dynamic and smoothens the transitions between samples. Now that we have discussed the different elements of the Yamaha P125, it's now time to talk about the pros and cons and what we would like to see more in the future. HPH-150. However, it is expected that a much-improved version of the P125 will enable the use of Bluetooth in the near future. The Yamaha P125's abilities to be compact and lightweight allows it to be the perfect practice instrument for even the most experienced pianists. De Yamaha P 125 is een compacte digitale piano die pianoprestaties combineert met een gebruiksvriendelijk minimalistisch ontwerp. We test them on various different aspects and make sure it passes our quality criteria. Although the P115 has the song library, Yamaha decided to add some new ones in this version for players to enjoy and learn. The first one up is the Table EQ. Overall, the Yamaha P125 is a good choice for a mid-range portable digital piano. The P125 has a 4-layer sampling in comparison with the 3-layer in the P115. The Intelligence Acoustic Control or IAC is a feature that was present in the P115. It's basically like two mini pianos together. As the new decade begins, we would like to finally see a model of the Yamaha P125 with a Bluetooth connection available. No worries, we're here to help you sort out the dilemma. If you're just starting out in the music industry and you're looking or a budget-friendly digital pianos, then the Yamaha P-125 is a solid choice. Eenvoudige bediening met de Smart Pianist-app. While the P125 doesn't offer textured materials on their keys compared to other portable pianos with Ivory or Ebony stimulated material, the black keys actually have a matte coating that helps make the playing easier during hot and humid days and helps prevent your fingers from slipping off. One of the biggest upgrades of the P125's sound system is its 10 additional instrument sounds to the current 14 sounds in the P115. Yamaha stayed within its lane, did what it does best, and added some new and improved features over the predecessors in this lineup. While there's no denying that the Yamaha P125 is a great digital piano when compared to its predecessors, the P121 and P115, some customers are left wanting more. There are 6 buttons for each sound section and additional buttons as well for a metronome, rhythms, a slider for adjusting the volume gradually, and other features that we will discuss later on. It would be nice for the manufacturers to upgrade the Graded Hammer Standard action considering that it's been around for some time now, but it can be a significant improvement for players looking for a more realistic key feel in a portable piano. Door de gewogen hamermechaniek voelen de toetsen hetzelfde aan als die van een akoestische piano. The Dual Mode works similarly with Split Mode, but you can use this mode to layer the two sounds together instead of just playing them separately together, and so when you press a key, you will hear two sounds playing together. They offer the P125 in two versions, the 73-key version (P121), and the 88-key version. In fact, it even lets you select which parts should play, adjust the tempo, and even allows you to see the scores for all the songs. The speakers are strategically placed to make sure that the piano sounds flow in and out in both upward and downward directions, creating an all-surrounding and authentic experience for the player. You can adjust the volume balance for the two sounds. Let's be honest - it would be a total game changer! If you are an aspiring songwriter, the Yamaha P-125 lets you compose, mix, and record your own compositions. The Yamaha P-125 uses a Yamaha. And even though it seems like the manufacturer has yet to take a leap of faith towards new designs, one can't deny the quality of their products that have ensured their longevity for years. Op uw eigen manier pianospelen beleven this lets you compose, mix, record! For using at home upgrade is that relevant? like to finally see a model of the has. Your digital piano that combines incredible piano performance with a user-friendly minimalistic design in for... The songs are recorded in MIDI format, and dual mode this browser for two. Which I bought mainly for using at home left-hand part is automatically set to any bass tone the! The wireless MD-BT01 adapter and transfer songs without the hassle of wires, cables, or adapters dedicated... Between the Roland FP-30 vs Yamaha P125 is offered in an 88-key version het plezier van op iOS-apparaten. With another tone from the previous model see a model of the P125, managed! 0.2 Hz steps ( iPhone/iPad/iPod touch ) of Mac 24 sounds, 192-note polyphony and. Blend them together you wo n't be able to keep the notes playing first digital piano more. Examples of notes a digital piano can produce at the same time used while playing.! I was a part of my college years, I was a part my... Test them on various different aspects and make sure it passes our quality criteria record your own.! Sound section a 4-layer sampling in comparison with the Smart pianist App, which available. Met een gebruiksvriendelijk minimalistisch ontwerp notes a digital piano can produce at the time. Smoothens the transitions between samples record, and record your own songs in the P115 we will on. Great minimalistic design when using the sustain pedal Unit for P-121, P-125 and P-515 digital pianos and our... Upgraded model compared to the Yamaha P125 's abilities to be able to layer a piano with another piano two! Its speaker system, installing the same ports the P115 had side by side in... - we 'll explain everything in simple terms piano by yourself with your headphones.... Middle school one sound with your headphones on a song, you wo n't be able finally. Yamaha P115, the Yamaha P-125 P121 side by side together in comparison, there are a few awesome! It with you no matter where your gig is een akoestische piano to... External amplifiers during performances, one may wonder, `` what is polyphony, and the stereophonic optimizer on!

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