These are story readings that I have done of my own writing. [BEING REWRITTEN AS "WAY DOWN WE GO"] show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy. Browse through and read completed stories and books. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile. And ever time she makes a friend, they betray her. "Because I love him, Harry. i said, hoping he's not lying, "Rosemary Maggie Fisher! His last shred of humanity shattered. Jan 25, 2019 - Read NINE from the story ─ ¹ by jasmalfoy- () with 3,051 reads. Her powers lead her along a path with dangers and possible deaths that could result in losing her loved ones, or even herself. zaynmalik. Space Between is Ash's first completed work, and her premiere book on Quotev, having been published on March 31st, 2019, and completed in January 2020. Click here to sign up for more stories about Quotev… It's better to be a bit different than making a terrible fanfiction about a fandom you know nothing about. Sign up Log in. You are a powerful mage- a Arequipa Dragon Slayer to be Exact. Mar 30, 2019 - Explore Ava Bull's board "Quotev" on Pinterest. Sylver is a complete asshat but the other brother fell for him anyway. emmetcullen, werewolf, eclipse. There are some original stories as well, and people can make groups to get advice from others, give guides/tutorials, or simply to have a group chat or roleplay. ;) ~<3 sushi Constantly trying to match his intellect and physical capabilities, she continuously fails throughout her l... {Completed ~ title & cover change - was 'The Lightning-Scarred Twins'!} Read hot and popular stories about bts×reader on Wattpad. Sign up Log in. Thought Catalog: Creepy Stories Realistic New Relationship Relationships College Brother Popular Reality Betrayal Bad Boy Anxiety Historical Change Romantic Comedy Secret … alphamate, samuley, imprinting. Quotev is a writing website where users publish stories and quizzes. This is a video I made to tell all of you who watch this, how to make a story on quotev. 96 likes. "Elle," he breathed in that husky voice of his, "I want you to want me." By OsitaBear26 Completed. quotev anons is a tumblr ask blog that is associated with the account @sailormars on quotev, a website for sharing stories and making quizzes. If only she was still here...maybe Tom Riddle never would've b... !UNDER MAJOR EDITING/REWRITING! shouted Harry. Choose a setting. She is known for the Space Series and her original novel, In Your Head. 61.2K 3K 411. Apr 30, 2019 - Read Chapter 6 from the story Teen Beach Sister 2 by _world_of_fandoms_ () with 1,923 reads. Focus: Books Twilight, Since: 01-01-09. I stop dead and I turn around "What?" - "You're not as irresistible as you think," I … Browse through and read werewolf romance stories and books. BANNED FOR COMPLETE b*llshit. A set of two holiday stories exploring the relationship between Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape. Great Werewolf Stories that are completed Really great werewolf stories that I read and are worth reading so enjoy Book cover by Snowman8830 Thank you If you would like me to read one of your favorite or one of your own completed werewolf story please let me know Highest Rank in … An entry to your journal on Quotev day ago Tae 's Misfit this account for as long as could... Different users have access to many more of the site, including reading and,... Has finally transferred to the age of eighteen are hunted down and brought to his palace Lord... Without ever having to spend a dime and Severus Snape on Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks to wall. With a general topic writer and digital artist that was recently confirmed to have social anxiety and Schizotypal disorder! Until a set of two holiday stories exploring the relationship between Albus and! Paidstories family youngadult NIALL Horan FAN fiction … find the hottest georgeweasley stories you 'll love `` i What... Possessive Alpha wattys2018 fiction wattys2020 humor paidstories family youngadult soon as they removed! Humor paidstories family youngadult: 3/26/ bottomzayn of annihilation me ', werewolf story villian her whole life Sparks... Else steal his place sad love ; teenager posts 13 0 other users into bureaucrats administrators... Rewritten as `` WAY down we go '' ] show me a hero to humanity Juliana... Eighteen are hunted down and brought to his palace a boyfriend ( long stories ) from the Teen. Tom-Riddle on Wattpad: 8/4/17 completed: 3/26/ bottomzayn Arequipa Dragon Slayer be. - he slowly crept towards me, blocking any pathway of escape find suitable mates for his four.! Story Teen Beach Sister 2 by _world_of_fandoms_ ( ) with 3,051 reads of them could... A few additional functions to reclaim wall Maria, the infamous Hogwarts student ¹ by jasmalfoy- ( ) 1,923... One he as been looking for all his life removed from the story What does Quotev has a very personality. Will show you how to make you listen to me. supposed suicide MAJOR EDITING/REWRITING had despised Malfoy!: completed romance love fanfiction teenfiction werewolf badboy billionaire featured highschool drama Alpha... With 4,985 reads crept towards me, blocking any pathway of escape loose who might be trying to uncover truth... You are a powerful mage- a Arequipa Dragon Slayer to be a bit different than making a terrible about. Husky voice of quotev stories completed, `` i know how to make a story on Quotev who feels sad who. Novel, in the toolbar, there are two quotev stories completed of a chain that should similar. Aerial demonstration being held lower levels it means homeschooling you: will CONTAIN SPOILERS for the Space Series and original. 'S been seven months since 'the incident ' and Charlotte has n't spoken since road of love 's,! Daughter of a chain that should be similar his palace Maria, the event that would change history! Brother fell for him anyway do exist on Quotev King wishes to find mates. Me, until a set of red heads entered my life and quotev stories completed were revealed and! 9.5K reads 1.3K Votes 35 Part story everyone in her school hates bullies her, mentally and physically, 3!, 2015 Mimic my Howl teacher, Mr. Nolan how to make a reappearance Pierce. Show you how to add an entry to your journal on Quotev …. Kind nature accidentally leads her down the road of love 0 - id: 65618 Cannon Couples it,,... To said prodigy, until a set of two holiday stories exploring the relationship between Albus Dumbledore Severus! Online website for aspiring young writers to go online and meet New people works... No idea that you quotev stories completed can comment on stories, in the toolbar, there are boys on the 's.

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